Students will be attending Wildweek - June 7th-11th, 2020


    Total cost is $375 if you register by the end of August or pay the amount owed before camp spots are full.

    $375 covers the cost of camp and charter bus fees.

    Please register your student to save their spot.  Spots will not be saved if students wait to register.

  • 2020 Payment Plan

    1. August 30th - $37.50
    2. September 27th - $37.50
    3. October 25th - $37.50
    4. November 29th - $37.50
    5. December 27th - $37.50
    6. January 31st - $37.50
    7. February 28th - $37.50
    8. March 27th - $37.50
    9. April 24th - $37.50
    10. May 29th - $37.50
    Pay by cash in an envelope with students name labeled WILDWEEK.  You can also pay at the Source. 

  • Student / Camp Fundraising

    We will not have any fundraisers inside the church for individual students - Wildweek 2020. 

    We will have a few fundraisers to help pay for charter bus costs camp expenses.  All students going to camp will be encouraged to to raise the money for Lifepoint Students as a whole to get to camp.  

    We will do our best to help those who need help.   If a student is unable to pay a camp balance, after all fundraising efforts have been completed,  the student and parent will be able to fill out an application for a scholarship. 

  • Scholarship Application

    For a scholarship application form see Will Morgan.  We know some students need help getting to camp. Let us know now if you need help so we can make sure you are able to go with us!