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We are passionate about family and community.  We know many people have a difficult time finding a church to connect with, and to you we say....


We believe this is a place where LIFE CHANGE happens, not because of any talent or anything "we" have to offer.  We believe this is a place of LIFE CHANGE because we preach, study, and worship the One who brings LIFE CHANGE.

Lifepoint Church is an exciting and easy place to fit in! Our hope is that we can have an environment that helps people connect with God and with other people on a deeper level! 


Our services are approximately 75 minutes long! You will experience passionate and refreshing worship as well as relevant and solid preaching and teaching  that will inspire you and equip you to love God and walk with Him daily!

What next ?

Often visitors and members ask these questions:

How can I get more involved?

How can I become a member of Lifepoint Church?

In what ministries can I serve?

Take a minute to read about these five steps that will take you from sitting in the pew to actively engaging in the life of our church.


    Do you want more information about Lifepoint Church?  Are you interested in becoming a member?  This informational session is offered every other month.  If you have not completed BASICS, please register below.

    Click HERE to register online for our next Basics Class .


    If you need to register for an upcoming Baptism, please click here.

    The Baptism dates for 2024:

    • April 21
    • June 9
    • August 25
    • October 20
    • December 8
    If you have any question, please contact us at info@lifepointsenatobia.com.

    This eight-week class for all ages - men, women, students, and children, if applicable.  STEP ONE is essential for all new Christians and church members.  It covers the foundations of your faith and helps you prepare to take the next step.  For those who have not completed STEP ONE, please register below.

    Click HERE to register online for our next Step One Class.


    There are more than thirty ministries here at Lifepoint Church!  Pray about where God would have you use your talents, gifts, and abilities to serve Him.  Serve teams are not complete without you! 

    Click HERE for our Ministry Service Needs!


    Lifegroups meet throughout the community during the school year semesters.  The Children and Students meet at the church.  We meet, we eat, we pray, we fellowship, we serve, and we do local missions together (each Lifegroup chooses a local mission/ministry to serve).  Life is better together!

    Click here for a current listing of Lifegroup Leaders and Locations.

    For more information, email us at info@lifepointsenatobia.com .


    Lifepoint Church is purposeful and intentional about discipleship.  We offer numerous groups and studies, but we encourage every church member to complete at least one year of Chronological Bible Teaching (CBT).  CBT includes reading the entire Bible together as well as studying key stories throughout the Bible.  It's life changing!

    Click HERE for more information about Discipleship.