What are Lifegroups? 

Lifegroups are how we make a “big” church “small.” Lifegroups are groups of 5-15 people who meet in different locations to enjoy time together and studying God’s Word. We believe that life is better together, and Lifegroups are how we do life together!

What do Lifegroups Study? 

Currently our Lifegroups are discussing the sermon from Sunday morning.  

How do I join a Lifegroup and is it open or closed groups?


We have a night called "Lifegroup Connect", this is a time set aside specifically for people to get connected to a Lifegroup! Lifegroup Connect happens in August! 

On our website you can find a listing of all of our current Lifegroups. Those listings will have have all the information you need to know to get connected. If you are having trouble connecting with a group, you can contact us as info@lifepointsenatobia.com.

All of our groups are “open” groups. We do not believe that “closed” groups are effective, and they do not line up with the vision of Lifepoint Church. We do have groups that meet the needs of specific people (ex. Widows, Women). There may be cases where groups can no longer allow guests due to size, in which case they would be in the process of “birthing” a new group!

What is Lifegroup Connect? 

Lifegroup Connect is a time that is specifically set aside for people to come and meet all of our different Lifegroups and Lifegroup leaders.  Our prayer is that you can come and connect with a group that ultimately you will be able to belong to and grow with!  Lifegroup Connect meets in August! This is the time we kick life groups off after a break, so everyone will be on the same page! 

What is the optimal size for a Lifegroup? 

We strongly encourage Lifegroups to consists of no more than 15. If a group approaches 15 or more we will need to discuss “birthing” a new group in order to continue to fulfill the vision of Lifepoint Church. We love to see groups grow, but more than we love to see a bunch of large groups, we want to see more groups being birthed so that more people can get connected.

How often do Lifegroups meet? 

Our Lifegroups can meet whenever they want to meet! We do have scheduled meeting times of every other week starting in January and starting in August! We take a scheduled break during the summers, but we encourage Lifegroups to continue to meet and hang out and do life together!

How do I start a Lifegroup?

We would love to discuss your interest in Lifegroup leadership! It’s our vision that everyone in our church is connected to a Lifegroup and the only way that can happen is if new groups are birthed. The first step in leading a Lifegroup is to email us your contact information via email at info@lifepointsenatobia.com and a one of our pastors will contact you ASAP! 

What about child care? 

The church provides childcare from 5:45-7:30 pm on the scheduled Sunday evenings of Lifegroups! 

Where do Lifegroups meet? 

There is something about being in the atmosphere of a home that allows connections to go to another level! All of our adult Lifegroups meet in homes in the community! Students meet at the church! 

How long do Lifegroup meetings typically last? 

Each group varies, but the majority of groups last no longer than 2½ hours. 

If you did not see your question listed about, please contact us a info@lifepointsenatobia.com