Prayer list

Do you have a prayer request that you'd like the Lifepoint Church Staff to pray for? 

Please email us at and let us know.


I am standing firm in Christ Jesus my GOD and calling on the church to help me to pray for this father (my brother) to become the prodigal son to his father for his son can be a prodigal son to him. For a true revival for their lives that they all find peace and understanding in the hands of our savior. My brother is able to open his eyes and be lifted from the fog that clouds him and sees that when his brother did not want anyone to talk to him he was persistent and kept feeding no matter what. And now as he did for his brother, His brother is doing the same, so he can see that we as a family are not picking sides and we are standing with him. But we are called to tell each other as we fall into bitterness and pride. That he realizes the enemy is attacking him where it hurts. And he needs to stand on our savior. The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy. He has already stolen his marriage, tried to kill him with cancer, and now he is trying to destroy him with the one thing that means more to him than life itself: his children. Church please help the Ortiz/Bullock family stand against the enemy in this attack. Thank you!!! Thank you, God, in advance for what you are doing in the background.


In need of a prayer request for a friend's daughter who just found out she has a brain tumor that is likely cancer and will need surgery. Please pray that she heals well and everything goes well. God Bless.


Please be in prayer for Joseph and his family as he works to restore power to homes and businesses impacted by the recent storms.


Teresa will be having knee replacement surgery on October 11th. Please be in prayer for her surgery and recovery.


Please be in prayer for my mother, Emma (Faye) Roberson. She is currently in the hospital with abdominal pain. She's been there for three days and the doctors are not sure what is going on.