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The Lifepoint Staff would love to pray for you.  Please fill out the form below and let us know about your request.  You can choose the Public Visibility setting that best describes how much information you'd like others to know. 

Prayer list

Listed below you will find the current Prayer List for requests sent through the form above.


Pray for my eye sight in both eyes to be healed. Pray for my deafness in both ears to be healed Pray for my taste I can not taste food that much anymore


Peace My wife and I want to grow spiritually in the areas of finance, prayer, trust in God and Bible reading. I have a lot of psychological fear issues because of bipolarity. Help us we need deliverance. Thank you so much Hamilton and Sandra from Brasil


Please pray that god will give me, russell, Ben and our families revelation of who Christ is and what he has done for us and that we would miraculously become physically whole in our body's. (We all have physical health problems from addiction) that he would just look at us or we may touch his garment!


I live in constant anxiety about dying and sickness, the fear of leaving my daughter behind. Her father passed away 2 years ago. I began to chain smoke 6 months ago. I pray and pray and pray but each day I am still addicted to nicotine, unable to escape, find solace somewhere lese, resist. I am lost in deep fear and depression. Please pray God takes this addiction and these bad feelings away and restores me, body, mind, and spirit.


Dear prayer warriors my husband and I have been mentally stressed with legal issues fighting to keep our house spot. We have to move our house off the land and we have no where to put it as our mmortage application is in limbo and only my husband is working we have no money and now we are being threatened by PH's lawyer that we have fourteen days to pay there cost or not they would go to court to have our house removed. Please pray that the court marshalls don't pull down our house and that we obtain housing and be left alone by the wicked and greedy administrator for the land who has torchering is for years.